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Can/Jar Filling And Closing Machine matic 101 CFCGP

Machine for filling and closing cans and jars



  • Max. can/jar-Ø 100 mm – compatible with different can/jar-Ø und heights
  • Can/jar height easy adjustable via HMI (Touchscreen)
  • Stainless steel, low-maintenance construction
  • Indexing turret gear with Hybrid drive (max. 220 Nm) and und positioning accuracy ± 65“
  • Dosing with highly precise servo drive with control to automatically process the data of the integrated check weigher with feedback control
  • Feeding of filling powder via horizontal auger with level control
  • All parts in immediate contact with the filling powder are in stainless steel, 1.4404 (AISI 316L), Ra < 0.5 µm, gaskets are FDA certified
  • Automatic FI optimized asynchron motors for horizontal auger and agitator
  • Filling station with integrated, electric adjustable vibrator for efficient can filling
  • Deduster integrated at filling outlet and on base plate
Check Weigher with tare weigher
  • Each can/jar is tare weighted separately and automatically
  • Check weigher with feedback control and reject system
  • Autonomous, 10.4‘ Touchscreen with VGA resolution on main machine
  • Feedback control for 1 filling head, automatic identification and control
  • Rejection for incorrect weights or faulty cans
  • Control according prepackging regulation (FPV) – fully automatic
  • Calibration capability
Cap destacker
  • Station to do destack the screw-cap
  • Caps are transported automatically from the slope conveyor tot he machine (with congestion control)
Screw-Capping device
  • Each jar is screwed separately and automatically
  • When jar is not screwed correctly, jar will be discharged automatically
  • Can seaming station to seam
  • Continuosly variable spindle sleeve pressure
  • Speed of seaming rollers independently adjustable
  • Different can diameters can be processed on the same seamer with easy exchange parts (no adjustments necessary)
  • Can outlet conveyor stainless steel with FI optimized asynchron motor and continuosly variable speed control


Products All powder products
Container Tin or composite cans and plastic jars
Lid Tin or screw-cap
Bottom Tin
Can-inner-Ø 50 mm - 100 mm
Can height 50 mm - 200 mm
CPM 40
Size Ratio 1’295 mm x 1’610 mm
Power requirement 17.00 kW