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Spoon Dispenser SD 153

Spoon Dispenser SD 153 with Can Conveyor in stainless steel



  • Spoon feed stainless steel with linear conveyor
  • Spiral feeding bowl incl. additional vibrating hopper with filling volume 100 Liter
  • Separating sans and spoons with sensors incl. spoon detection
  • Inclusive can conveyor stainless steel


Products All
Container Tin or composite cans, Plastic or glass jars
Lid Tin, composite, aluminium, plastic (screw/plug-in lid)
Bottom Tin, composite, aluminium
Can-inner-Ø 73 mm - 127 mm
Can height All
CPM 60
Size Ratio 1’000 mm x 2‘500 mm
Power requirement 3.00 kW
Air pressure 6 bar