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Lid Disinfection UV 127

Lid Disinfection with UVC light and lid conveyor LT 127



  • 4 UVC tubes with individual surveillance
  • Warning previous to the end of the UVC tubes durability (to order new ones on time)
  • Machine stop at damage or exceeding of the durability of the UVC tubes
  • UVC tubes with shatter protection, HACCP compliant
  • Stainless steele, low-maintenance construction with easy changeable belts
  • Very easy accessibility for maintenance works
  • Speed control for can conveyor
  • Energy-saving, FI optimized asynchron motor with 0.55 kW, 120 Hz and 47 Nm output torque with PROFINET connection to main control


Products All
Container Tin or composite cans
Lid Tin, composite, aluminium
Bottom Tin, composite, aluminium
Can-inner-Ø 73 mm - 153 mm
Can height All
CPM 60
Size ratio 2000 mm x 350 mm
Power requirement 0.75 kW